Daily Archives: February 26, 2016

What’s My Lunch?

Painted in Waterlogue

We’re having dinner tonight with a friend of mine who’s in town working on a new game show. I hope the conversation won’t turn too Inside Baseball for her comfort. My friend is hoping to find a way to hire me for the show, but even if we can’t work it out he’s excited to share details of his new project.  We can talk games for hours. She likes them well enough, some more than others of course: she’s a big Jeopardy! fan, but she’s especially fond of What’s My Line?, the long-running show in which panelists try to figure out the occupations of strangers. In the final round, the panelists wore blindfolds and tried to guess the identity of a celebrity. Of course she likes that one, especially the oldest episodes in which the male panelists wore tuxedos and the ladies wore gowns. Everyone was exceedingly polite, and any jokes were at the expenses of the panelists or celebrity guests, never the civilian contestants. It was very classy.

She’s probably seen a few episodes of Pyramid, the show my friend is working on, but probably couldn’t name its best-known host or hum its theme song. That’s fine with me. She knows plenty of pop-culture references that I don’t, and she doesn’t belittle my affection for this genre. We’re all musical, too; we’ll have plenty to talk about. I’m excited to introduce the two of them, since they have something in common that they may not realize: I’d been on-line friends with them both for a long time before we met in person. And in both cases, it’s worked out well since.

I worked at home this morning, writing and recording a vocal arrangement for my choir. When lunch time arrived, I realized I hadn’t made any plans or packed anything for myself. I opened the fridge as if to welcome tonight’s Mystery Guest or reveal the Big Deal of the Day. It’s Friday, so a ham sandwich was not an option. (“1 down and 9 to go…Miss Kilgallen?”)

I found some leftover pasta and shaved a little cheese over it. I broke up a few spears of asparagus and some green beans and put them into the bowl, along with some grape tomatoes (halved, the better to let their juices contribute to a makeshift sauce). Two minutes in the microwave, and everything was toasty.  Here we are, on the third Friday of Lent, and I still haven’t had to resort to a tuna sub or a take-out fish sandwich. I felt good about that.

After dinner tonight, we’re going to see a Broadway show in which another friend is appearing, and staying in a hotel near her office. Tomorrow morning, we have tickets to a taping of another game show—a new version of What’s My Line?, of all things!

The noodles in my lunch, by the way, were bow-tie shaped. Appropriately classy, wouldn’t you say?