We thought long and hard about the name for this journal. Since we both like to cook, one of the front-runners was nostinkintakeout.wordpress.com. But considering that Day 1 was Moving Day, the strong possibility existed that dinnertime would draw nigh and we’d be too tired to do anything but phone in a desperate order for pineapple fried rice.  That didn’t seem an auspicious start, so nostinkintakeout didn’t make the cut.

Dinner at the Country House is a little tongue-in-cheek; this isn’t really the country. But considering she’s moved here from Manhattan (an apartment we referred to as “the city house”), it sort of fits.  And it doesn’t mean we’ll never order takeout. Heck, it doesn’t even mean we’ll have dinner here every night.  But when we do, and when we can, we’ll comment on it. And sometimes we’ll talk about breakfast or lunch. Or something that isn’t food-related at all. But we’ll try to keep it in good taste.

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