Daily Archives: February 27, 2015


Most mornings, she has to be out the door first. Well, that’s not quite true, since I drive her to the train station.  But at least she has to be ready for work before I do.  I pull on some running clothes and head for the kitchen, and–usually–exercise after my driving duty is done.

Along with my coffee, I brew two cups of tea. One is her trusty ceramic travel mug. The other is a smaller one for her to drink before we leave. It’s a warming-up thing, especially good on very cold mornings.  We call it her Bonus Cup. Sometimes she finishes it and brings it to the sink; sometimes it’s barely touched. I may find it on her dresser, or the bathroom vanity, where she’s taken the last sip just after applying her make-up.

Most days, it carries an impression of her freshly-applied lip color.

It’s gilding the lily, I have told her repeatedly, but if she wants to wear make-up it’s fine with me.  Especially when I find a mug with a kiss-print.  It’s a bit of a bonus for me.